One week

He’ll be back in less than a week now. She’s so excited and hopeful. Perhaps he feels the same way.

She can’t wait to hug him tight, to be surrounded by his arms and to smell his smell of gorgeousness. She can’t wait to peck him on the cheeks and on the mouth and to lie on his shoulder and fall asleep.

Sometimes the distance gets difficult. Sometimes she feels like there’s this difficult wall between them and sometimes she feels so lonely and unworthy. Hmm.

Yet, when her phone goes ‘ping’ she’s so happy she smiles a silly smile because more than anything in her little world, she loves writing and talking to him. Even if it’s boring talk that puts this poor guy to sleep.

He is probably asleep still, snuggled in comfort and dreaming a lovely dream.

Moments like this is when she wishes time flew extra quickly. This more than amazing and awesome boy is the love of her life.

One week

7 more days, he’ll be back from the opposite continent and she’s itching so bad to see him, to give him the hug she’s been saving, the kisses on his cheek and mouth.

Sometimes it’s difficult. She feels like they’re disconnected at moments. It’s distressing but hearing the phone go ‘ping’ with his messages makes her smile a silly smile.

He’s in bed now, probably wheezing adorably and snuggling with his blanket. He’ll be back very soon and she just can’t wait.


Take a step, it’s going to be ok.  (at Paradise, Mt Rainier)

Take a step, it’s going to be ok. (at Paradise, Mt Rainier)

12 Days

Less than 2 weeks now and the darling one will be back. Back to the city of bustling people, beautiful waterfronts and scorching summer heat. Time for her to look presentable and pretty.

Understandably, she barely made any effort to look nice when he wasn’t here, with her hair in a constant knot over her head, clothed in drappy comfy clothing without bothering for even some red on her lips.

Well, it’s finally apt to look nice. Looking forward to the start of next month, with so much hope and expectations, oh and a Birthday too, a secret getaway and all that. 

Tralalalala, after this week, hopefully, hopefully things will go as expected.