Excellent Candy Wrapper

There she goes, wrapping candy on a fine dandy Friday, with plenty more chores set to be done and the weekend pretty much booked with studying. 

The sweet pea is in the midst of some math problem at the moment. He’ll ace it, she knows.

Multitasking with some GRE vocab and listening to people tell stories and anecdotes is pretty delightful, until of course when a nervous breakdown happens. 

Anecdote of the day: “If God wanted to me to walk, he would have made me a centipede, with plenty of legs to go walk”

Funny Fridays. :D

October Bites

It’s week 3 and all hell is about to break lose. It’s not nearly impossible to fathom what the near future holds, with exams approaching and more projects to get a work on. 

I’m one lucky girl I’d say, to have the best “friend” I can possible ever wish for to hold my hands and tell me that I’m going to be ok. Yes, of course it’s not nearly perfect with the little bites we give each other in moments of stress and insecurities but whoever said things are going to be perfect?

Sitting in this big empty (pretty much) building at this odd hour of the night is not how I expected my weekends to end but oh well. “Count your lucky stars”, I tell myself and awake every morning breathing the smell you love so. 

Mislabeled, Boo Boo

He was wearing a Michigan tee and we were walking along the Seattle pier area staring at enigmatic looking sculptures on a gorgeous Saturday noon. There was a bride in the far distance in a darling white dress with a flowing back and around her, a mini crowd of women dressed in royal blue, looking just as breath-taking as the bride. We could almost feel the infectious joy from the laughers we heard.

As we approached, we also saw several handsome men all in suits lining up on the grassy patch standing still and watching the camera. “Go Blue!” one of them said and he was watching us as he said it. Hmm.. aha! It’s the shirt! The boy next to me looked all shy and just waved back with a thumbs up.. We giggled and kept walking when we heard him again, “Which dorm did you live in?” I started laughing and he blabbered “errr..my friend goes there..” We heard boos following right after and walked away as quickly as our feet would take us,

Moral of the story: Defend your school, boo them back:) 

October had tremendous possibility. The summer’s oppressive heat was a distant memory, and the golden leaves promised a world full of beautiful adventures. They made me believe in miracles.

Sarah Guillory, Reclaimed

Mementos and Memories

As a child, I remember having this little doll I loved. It was tiny, with a beautiful white frock and it was delicate and sweet and oh-so-lovely to that little girl who carried it with her wherever she went. 

I think it was originally this Christmas ornament that I made into my personal favorite toy. Occasionally I wonder where it went. I never remember naming her, not that it matters, no, It symbolizes all the years back then when I was a wee little think who used to live the carefree life, having mummy and daddy to bear all the worries of the family.

I remember also all those little games I used to play with my siblings. Damsel-in-distress, shop and the wooden blocks we used to build into massive structures that would drive my poor grams crazy. How I used to experiment in the kitchen to no avail and end up baking odd assemblies of pies and puddings. And how over time, education became more and more of a priority and rushing from one tuition center to another became so important to ace the exams. 

October seems so new and untainted now, but I know I am going to mess it all up by overbooking myself, by procrastinating and by trying to do more than I actually think I can. A new month with plenty of days to look forward to.